Hello to whoever finds this.

It’s two minutes past midnight and i can’t focus on anything, so i figured i would just go ahead and update this. Since last posting, i managed to find a few publishers. One with my writing partner, Sarah Hall, and two alone. Yay us.

One of my books is due out in early January, and another in the summer time. I’m very proud of both of them, and i’m happy that they get to see the world. Especially when not too long ago, i was so sure that none of them ever would.

I’ll attempt to be better at updating this site, but who am i kidding? I’m bad at this. Maybe one day i’ll be better. I’m much better at one liners, and i save those for facebook. But anyway, the book news… Four in total are coming out, and one of them is very soon. I hope that anyone who reads them like them as much as i do.

Thanks, and sorry for the random post.


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